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06 November 2006

Sony Vaio Type G Laptop

Sony Save your spine with the Vaio Type G Laptop

It's all very well having a bright pink laptop or a laptop sprinkled in crystals, but when you're travelling with your laptop in your bag, in all likelihood you're not going to be too chuffed on how light your laptop is and how much it's causing you back pain.

Weighing just 984 grams the Sony Vaio Type G laptop is looking to save your spine. You get a 12.1" screen, built in Wifi and Bluetooth, 80GB hard drive, 2 USB ports, and a whopping 12 hours of battery life in stamina mode as well!

Apparently, it's going to be available in Japan come next month, but apparently Sony have no plans to ship it over seas. Yet. In the meantime, it'll cost you approximately $1800US, and a massive amount of shipping.

Read more at Sony to Sell World's Lightest Laptop in Dec. -

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10 most harmful health gadgets

Over at they have a round up on the 10 most harmful health gadgets around.

Some of these gadgets are unbelieveable. Expect to see a virtual horse for horse riding (without the horse) and a wireless heart rate device that it controlled by your TV. This works by turning your TV down if your heart rate is not beating fast enough. If you continue to slack, your TV will switch itself off!

I quite like the wireless heartrate device actually, but the other nine are pretty dangerous; don't you agree?! Especially the snorestopper!

Take a look at the 10 most harmful health gadgets, see what you think...

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