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21 June 2006

Philips to retail GPS satellite navigation systems

Philips is to start making GPS satellite navigation systems, joining specialist navigation companies like TomTom, Garmin and Magellen.

Philips will start making their new Philips GPS satellite navigation units later this year from September according to PCMAG, with prices starting from £273; (400 euros, $502). The GPS systems will be 2cm thick and will be available as consumer electronics products through Phillips' existing network of retailers.

Philips' entrance into the GPS satellite navigation market will "contribute to the commoditisation of these products", said Marc Kennis, an analyst at Bank Van Lanschot.

The move by Philips comes after Japanese firm Sony entered into the European navigation market earlier this year, following specialist market leaders like TomTom, Garmin, Navman and Magellen.

Philips' decision to target this rapidly growing market comes after they abandoned the navigation market seven years ago. They blamed this on car firms demanding entire dashboards fitted with electronics, which the business did not deal with.
Philips explained their decision reversal by saying the GPS satellite navigation industry is "one of the fastest growing markets".

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