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28 April 2006

BT Buys

It Has Been Unveiled Today That BT Have Bought E-Retail Giant

BT will begin in the near future selling their digital products via the website, following the announcement today that they have bought the multi-million pound e-retail website.

Today's report follows weeks of deliberation that was putting itself up for auction. However, it seems to have come as a big surprise to many in the channel, that BT have in fact scooped the lot

Ian Livingstone, the retail boss explained today in his statement that will push the company's on-line sales from strength to strength; "[ will] boost BT's on-line power to sell innovative, value for money, communication and converged IT products"

Giving that was established in 1990, and has developed a customer base of approximately one million people, including business customers from around the UK, it is very likely BT's on-line customer base will grow.

Financial news of the deal have unfortunately not yet been revealed, however following reports from El Reg, it is thought BT won't receive a lot of change from £30m. revealed revenues of £180m, with gross assets of £42m at the end of March 2005. It is sure BT will be hoping their buyout will result in such recognition, domination, and profit in the ever growing, on-line consumer electronics market.

BT Buys

Sanyo Capujo LCD TVs With Integrated 160GB Hard Drives

Sanyo Capujo have unveiled two new LCD TVs with integrated 160GB hard drives.

The 27-inch LCD TV (LCD-27HR100(S)) and the 32 inch LCD TV (LCD-32HR100(S)) can enable you to record broadcasts in Mpeg2 format. Unfortunately though the LCD TVs aren't full HD; they are HD ready however with their 1366 x 768 resolution. Extra features on offer from Sanyo Capujo are:

  • Digital Tuner

  • HDMI Port

  • USB 2.0 Port

The LCD TVs with integrated 160GB hard drives are a genius idea from Sanyo Capujo. Are you listening Sony, Acer, Samsung, LG...?

Sanyo Capujo LCD TV With Integrated Hard Drives

24 April 2006

iPod Nano With 8Gb & 10GB

Apple enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the iPod Nano will be available in storage capacities of 8GB and 10GB by this summer; according to reports.

With Apple's iPod Video delayed until further notice, do we really trust that they will be out by the summer? Or that they even exist?

Personally, I have a feeling these reports do have some truth behind them. It's been very quiet on the Apple front lately, and with Apple announcng the delay of their iPod Video; maybe in the meantime they are compensating with their new Nano's?

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