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20 April 2006

Axion's AXN-6079 Dual Widescreen Mobile DVD Player

Axion's AXN-6079 portable DVD player caught my eye today. It lets users; most likely to be kids who need entertaining on long journey's, have their very own 7" widescreen all to themselves... because the AXN-6079 has two!

What's more you can have a film playing on one screen, and games playing on the other- simultaneously. So, users don't even have to agree on the same entertainment. The dedicated stereo headphone jacks will make entertainment totally personal, whether you're enjoying a movie, video game, CD or viewing photo CD's.

It looks like, once they're released, they won't be wireless, and it's reported that they will be available sometime this month.

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Sony & Axion Both Release Portable DVD Players

18 April 2006

Sony & Axion Release Portable DVD Players

Although portable DVD players hit the market years ago, both Sony and Axion have decided to launch two new models.

Sony have announced the DVD Walkman; sporting two audio/ headphone jacks, and weighing in at 780g. The DVP-FX810 has an 8 " screen, whereas the D-VE7000S has a 7" screen.

With this concept hitting the market years ago, it's quite surprising Sony haven't bothered to add any new features to the product- like a BR version maybe?

Axion have presented two machines that have the same concept. Although they perhaps don't look as nice as Sony's portable DVD players, on the up side Axion have added that extra feature; an external TV tuner.

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