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16 August 2006

Speed-limiter unveiled

A new system using GPS and mapping to identify speed limits in any location, will force vehicles to observe speed limits and slow down.

This government-backed system named the Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) device uses an engine-limiter and has the capacity to retard the throttle to slow the vehicle down until it is at or below the speed limit.

Last week this GPS enabled speed limiter was demonstrated on a motorcycle, and here is how it will work.

When the rider strays over the speed limit they hear two warning beeps. Once the rider reaches 5mph over the limit their seat vibrates. If they still do not slow down, the device retards the throttle to slow the vehicle down to the speed limit.

The speed-limiter was developed at the Motor Industry Research Association with funding from the Department for Transport (DfT). The ISA system can also be used in cars and there is speculation the system is the first step in government plans to force car manufacturers to fit variable limiters.

It is argued that the system could be dangerous as it could hinder drivers when they need to accelerate out of danger. According to the TimesOnline a DfT spokesman said there were no plans to make the device compulsory in the UK (Thank god!!).

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