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15 May 2006

Sony UX Ultra-Portable PC

Images of the Sony UX Ultra Portable have been released today, but are they fake?

We present you with the Sony UX Ultra Portable. But, don’t get too excited, the pictures have only been released by an anonymous source (via Disability Today), so there is a possibility they could be fake. Take a look at the facts so far …

  • 7” Touch Screen
  • “UMPC” with Windows XP Pro (not Tablet Edition)

  • Dual cameras

  • 3G Enabled

  • Biometric Sensor

  • WAN

  • Core Solo

  • Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard

  • Bluetooth/ Wifi

Pretty impressive aren’t they? Fingers crossed the Sony UX Ultra Portable makes an official release. It’s reported May 16th is the date to look out for, so I’ll keep you posted!

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