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03 April 2006

Toshiba Launch The World's First HD-DVD Player

Much to Sony's disappointment, Toshiba launched their first high definition DVD player in Japan on Friday priced at £539

For the past three years it's been a race between Sony and Toshiba to set a global industry standard for next generation DVD players, and it looks like Toshiba have made it to the finish line first with their HD-DVD player. Toshiba launched their first high definition DVD player in Japan on Friday priced at £539 ($934, E772), and they are set to launch another two players during April.

Meanwhile Sony are set to launch their rival Blu-ray DVD players in the US in July, for an estimated £578 ($1000) each.

Both Sony's Blu-ray and Toshiba's HD-DVD disc formats are capable of holding far more data than existing red-laser discs, and these new formats will also be capable of delivering superior image quality and supporting interactive features.

While Toshiba's HD-DVD format has pretty much the same structure as existing DVD's, their format will be usable on traditional red-laser DVD players, however Sony's Blu-ray format is vastly different to existing DVD's. So, although Sony's offering is reported to have bigger storage capacity, unfortunately it will require consumers to buy new hardware.

To avoid customers having to choose between the two DVD formats, it was hoped Sony and Toshiba would reach a two-way agreement on a single disc type. However, it looks like both company's are sticking to their guns.

But, with a couple of months head start, Toshiba have said they aim to sell 600,000 to 700,000 of its next generation DVD players globally within the year!

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