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04 April 2006

New MP3 WALKMAN Flash From Sony

Today Sony announced the release of a new range of ultra-slim, shuffle-style MP3 players: MP3 WALKMAN Flash

The compact devices will have a capacity of between 512mb and 2GB and support MP3, WMA, and ATRAC3. They will be available (not too sure when yet) in an attractive range of casing covers, and will sport impressive features, such as an FM Tuner with MHz range from 87.5 - 108.0, and a quick-charge feature which has the ability to charge 3 hours of battery life in just 3 minutes!

Additional Features Include
  • Rechargable Battery with stamina of 28 hours
  • 5-band Equalizer
  • Vivid 1 line dot matrix organic LED
  • A direct USB with high speed transfer

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