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03 April 2006

Navman Introduce NavPix

Satellite navigation pioneer Navman have introduced an image based approach to navigation, where by the user can simply touch the picture of the place they fancy visiting, and the Navman system will automatically calculate the best route to that destination. E.g. How many people know the actual postal address of the Eiffel Tower? Not many, but NavPix can easily navigate users there, by just touching the picture of it: no postcode entry needed.

Initially NavPix will be available on two of their new portable Sat Nav's: the iCN720 and the iCN750, which will be available all over Europe by May. What's more users can also use the built in camera in the iCN700 series to take pictures of places they may want to return to. The pictures will have the exact geographical location of where that picture was taken embedded in the image data. Even if you wanted to return to a restaurant you had stumbled upon whilst on holiday, just take a photo and you're sorted for the next time you visit the area.

Navman will also have images of famous landmarks etc. to download from their website, and users will be able to upload and share their own NavPix with friends and other Navman users.

"The possibilities of NavPix are almost endless, for both leisure and professional users. This innovative technology marks a completely new approach to satellite navigation, one which will change the way people navigate in the future." Prash Vadgama, President of Navman's Consumer Navigation Group Says.

On top of the iCN720 & 750, Navman have announced the launch of the iCN530, and the iCN330, designed with simplicity in mind.


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