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06 April 2006

4 Way Slider Phones From Fujitsu

Japanese giant Fujitsu will this week show off two new phones; the 'Slider' and the 'Multi-Slider'.

The first; the 'Slider' (pictured above) is a landscaped orientated unit sporting a full keyboard. It has touch-screen sensitive keys which I presume has been designed with texting and instant messaging in mind :-)

The more impressive out of the two; the 'Multi-Slider' has a virtual keypad- displaying the appropriate screen to whichever way the keypad slides out. eg: Up for phone-pad, left for computer keyboard- pretty nifty! The four buttons on the front of the phone (pictured below) make me wonder if there is something of an 'iPhone' about Fujitsu's new device?!

The two phones will be on show at the Japanese Design Competition, held in Milan's Tiennale di Milano this week!

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