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21 March 2006

A New Robot Dog To Replace Sony's 'Aibo' ?

If you were disappointed when Sony put down 'Aibo'- the Robot Dogthen you'll be over the moon to hear Korean inventor Eungsang Park has invented Jindo- a much more sophisticated touch sensitive robot dog.

Jindo- Hindi for "alive" has features that are very impressive, and some characteristics which are just a bit strange.

It has a navigator LCD screen that will let you access the web, your e-mails, and watch TV. You can also play games on the LCD screen by using the dogs tail (possibly making for some awkward positions when playing the games?!) The slot below the tail also plays all your DVD's, so you can animate the screen with all your favorite movies. Likewise, the dog doubles as a mobile phone, but I can't help but be puzzled about how the dog is held when in use as a phone?

Clearly, his diagram is still a little rough, and that's probably because the Korean inventor is still looking for someone to churn out his design.


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