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29 March 2006

Bluetooth: Future WiFi Media Solution?

Bluetooth is expected to determine how hundreds of millions of televisions, video recorders and computers will be connected.

The world's largest electronics firms have announced "Bluetooth is the future"; and come 2008 Bluetooth will be used to stream high quality video throughout the household and home entertainment devices. These products are supposed to be available for prototyping come the end of 2007, and will reach consumers in early 2008. However, if we're to go by the first introduction of Bluetooth, then maybe we should expect their debut around 2012 (Bluetooth was supposed to be in every device starting 1999, but that didn't really start until 2004 did it?)

At the moment Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology, currently used to connect mobile phones to other devices like headsets, and printers. According to reports, the new version of Bluetooth is expected to use Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio technology, which is able to send and receive multimedia at speeds upwards of 100 MB/ sec (over 100 times faster than today's speeds), and distances of up to 50 feet. Lets hope that's accurate, because I don't mean to be a pessimist but current Bluetooth is supposed to work up to 30 feet away, when in reality you can rarely get 20 feet away.

Micheal Foley, Executive Director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG), said the development work will be compatible with current Bluetooth format, so that's a relief. But, whatever Bluetooth technology is 'the future', I hope the products stick to their statement and works at least 50 ft away, and through walls no less. And, lets hope they stick to their guns with the debut dates huh!

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