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23 March 2006

Apple To Launch iPod Phone

We've been talking about iPod phones for years now and by the looks of it, if the rumours are true, Apple are in the process of manufacturing us one as we speak.

Apple have been pretty crafty at avoiding leaks from manufacturing partners, however their competitors BenQ have let their plans for the iphone slip, saying "...several of our suppliers have been approached to manufacture parts. Among manufacturers in Taiwan it is common knowledge. The issue for many is the availability of parts if the phone takes off"

If Apple does end up releasing a music-playing phone, it is likely to have the biggest impact on the leading phone manufacturer in the US; Motorola. "Even a modest showing for an Apple multimedia mobile phone could put a dent in Motorola's profits" Comments an analyst.

So, with tongues wagging in Taiwan, it might be worth holding on (and saving your money) if you were thinking of buying a swanky new phone (or an iPod) in the near future.

(And yep, the picture is one of the many iPhone fakes out there...sorry!)


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