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06 November 2006

Sony Vaio Type G Laptop

Sony Save your spine with the Vaio Type G Laptop

It's all very well having a bright pink laptop or a laptop sprinkled in crystals, but when you're travelling with your laptop in your bag, in all likelihood you're not going to be too chuffed on how light your laptop is and how much it's causing you back pain.

Weighing just 984 grams the Sony Vaio Type G laptop is looking to save your spine. You get a 12.1" screen, built in Wifi and Bluetooth, 80GB hard drive, 2 USB ports, and a whopping 12 hours of battery life in stamina mode as well!

Apparently, it's going to be available in Japan come next month, but apparently Sony have no plans to ship it over seas. Yet. In the meantime, it'll cost you approximately $1800US, and a massive amount of shipping.

Read more at Sony to Sell World's Lightest Laptop in Dec. -

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10 most harmful health gadgets

Over at they have a round up on the 10 most harmful health gadgets around.

Some of these gadgets are unbelieveable. Expect to see a virtual horse for horse riding (without the horse) and a wireless heart rate device that it controlled by your TV. This works by turning your TV down if your heart rate is not beating fast enough. If you continue to slack, your TV will switch itself off!

I quite like the wireless heartrate device actually, but the other nine are pretty dangerous; don't you agree?! Especially the snorestopper!

Take a look at the 10 most harmful health gadgets, see what you think...

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16 August 2006

BBC plans to turn MP3 players into digital radios with a plug-in gadget

The BBC is proposing to draw up plans for a plug-in gadget that will turn MP3 players into digital radios.

At present the BBC have not revealed any concrete details about the plug-in gadget or how much it will cost. Nor has a date been announced for when the add-on radio might appear. The BBC Spokesman simply said they hope the plug-in gadget will be available sooner rather than later.

"It's important for us to make sure that people can listen to digital radio on their own terms," said a BBC spokesman.

MP3 players, most significantly Apple iPods have grown in popularity and a study released at the end of June confirmed this, revealing that ownership of MP3 players has doubled since 2003. The study (by market research firm Ipsos) revealed that approximately 20% of Americans over the age of 12 own one of the portable players.

The BBC spokesman said at the moment the broadcaster was carrying out feasibility studies to see how easy it would be to develop and market the clip-on gadget. It was made evident by the BBC spokesman that the plug-in device would not be limited to playing just the BBC digital radio stations. Versions might also be available for mobile phones and cars.

He would not give anything away about potential partners in the project, but dismissed as "pure speculation" that Apple was involved.

Apple's iPod dominates the portable music player market. Many users have a clip-on gadget for it called the iTrip which enables them to listen to their collection of tracks via FM radio. There are also many other gadgets and add-on extras for the iPod and other MP3 players.

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Speed-limiter unveiled

A new system using GPS and mapping to identify speed limits in any location, will force vehicles to observe speed limits and slow down.

This government-backed system named the Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) device uses an engine-limiter and has the capacity to retard the throttle to slow the vehicle down until it is at or below the speed limit.

Last week this GPS enabled speed limiter was demonstrated on a motorcycle, and here is how it will work.

When the rider strays over the speed limit they hear two warning beeps. Once the rider reaches 5mph over the limit their seat vibrates. If they still do not slow down, the device retards the throttle to slow the vehicle down to the speed limit.

The speed-limiter was developed at the Motor Industry Research Association with funding from the Department for Transport (DfT). The ISA system can also be used in cars and there is speculation the system is the first step in government plans to force car manufacturers to fit variable limiters.

It is argued that the system could be dangerous as it could hinder drivers when they need to accelerate out of danger. According to the TimesOnline a DfT spokesman said there were no plans to make the device compulsory in the UK (Thank god!!).

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21 June 2006

Philips to retail GPS satellite navigation systems

Philips is to start making GPS satellite navigation systems, joining specialist navigation companies like TomTom, Garmin and Magellen.

Philips will start making their new Philips GPS satellite navigation units later this year from September according to PCMAG, with prices starting from £273; (400 euros, $502). The GPS systems will be 2cm thick and will be available as consumer electronics products through Phillips' existing network of retailers.

Philips' entrance into the GPS satellite navigation market will "contribute to the commoditisation of these products", said Marc Kennis, an analyst at Bank Van Lanschot.

The move by Philips comes after Japanese firm Sony entered into the European navigation market earlier this year, following specialist market leaders like TomTom, Garmin, Navman and Magellen.

Philips' decision to target this rapidly growing market comes after they abandoned the navigation market seven years ago. They blamed this on car firms demanding entire dashboards fitted with electronics, which the business did not deal with.
Philips explained their decision reversal by saying the GPS satellite navigation industry is "one of the fastest growing markets".

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08 June 2006

U2 iPod

Calling all U2 fans, the new U2 iPod is available. Apple has launched a brand new version of the iPod U2 Special Edition in both the UK and Ireland. The new U2 iPod will be based on the fifth gen 30GB Apple iPod; offering 7,500 songs, 25,000 photos, or over 75 hours of video.

The new U2 iPod now comes in a sleek, black outer-casing, with the famous red wheel. And, like its predecessor, the new iPod U2 will come with signatures on its reverse from the band. The most impressive bit for most U2 fans however, will be the fact that the iPod U2 comes preloaded with a 30-minute exclusive video of the band!

Featuring Auto Sync technology, the new iPod U2 will automatically download digital music, podcasts, photographs, audio books and more onto the iPod U2. And, with an amazing 14 hours of battery life, and available for approximately £239, the iPod U2 is sure to be a great hit.

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30 May 2006

TomTom Introduce FIFA World Cup Navigation PLUS Services

With the FIFA World Cup fast approaching TomTom have recently launched some unique, FIFA World Cup navigation PLUS services. For World Cup enthusiasts, their sat nav’s can have World Cup Voices, Points of Interest and Colour Schemes.

The World Cup features include voice-guided directions from Sven himself, and hundreds of POIs enabling users to find their way to all TeleAtlas World Cup stadia, Open-air big screens, Varta hotels, restaurants, team hotels, premier sports bars and nightlife. Football enthusiasts can also show their true dedication with a custom coloured interface; red, white and blue coloured maps.

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23 May 2006

Sharp Presents The Music Carry QTMPA10

Sharp have recently announced their new Music Carry, the QT MPA10.

The portable Music Carry from Sharp comes equipped with either 512MB or 1GB of flash memory and supports MP3/WMA/WAV playback. With an integrated FM/AM radio too, the Music Carry also enables users to record into MP3 format. Powered by 6 AA batteries, and measuring approximately 16 x 7 x 5-inch, the player sports two 2W, 8-cm speakers and weighs in at just 2.1kg.

From what I can make out from the machine translation, it seems to also playback audio from any device that can operate as a USB mass storage device (MP3 player or musicphone). And of course, a timer is included, which can turn the device on and off automatically for use as an alarm clock maybe.

The QT-MPA10 is set to drop in Japan on 16 June for an undisclosed price.

15 May 2006

Sony UX Ultra-Portable PC

Images of the Sony UX Ultra Portable have been released today, but are they fake?

We present you with the Sony UX Ultra Portable. But, don’t get too excited, the pictures have only been released by an anonymous source (via Disability Today), so there is a possibility they could be fake. Take a look at the facts so far …

  • 7” Touch Screen
  • “UMPC” with Windows XP Pro (not Tablet Edition)

  • Dual cameras

  • 3G Enabled

  • Biometric Sensor

  • WAN

  • Core Solo

  • Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard

  • Bluetooth/ Wifi

Pretty impressive aren’t they? Fingers crossed the Sony UX Ultra Portable makes an official release. It’s reported May 16th is the date to look out for, so I’ll keep you posted!

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